The Ridges, Water Proof Deck

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The Ridges, Water Proof Deck

The Ridges, Water Proof Deck
2300 sq. ft. Water Proof & Stamped Deck
18” X 18” Travertine Tile Pattern

Above is one of our latest clients beautiful home located in The Ridges. This home has a beautiful pool surrounded by Travertine tile. Our client’s challenge was to match our 1/4” “Decorative Stamp System” on the deck with the real travertine tile that surrounds the pool. We introduced some new 18” x 18” Travertine Tile Stamps to accommodate the homeowners request and it is turning out beautiful.

This deck started out with our tried and true “Water Proof Deck System” which not only adds strength to the 2300 sq. ft. deck but incorporates an elastomeric barrier providing waterproof qualities sealing the entire deck.

Typically a deck this large would pose a huge challenge in making sure the pattern lines up with the house and is consistent all the way across the winding deck. A deck this size can also be a challenging in that the stamp material can easily set of on you when trying to work such a large area leaving you no time to achieve the deep, rich texture required to mimic a real stone. However, New Crete’s 29 years of experience makes this challenging job look like a walk in the park.

Check back for the coloring and sealing process coming soon.